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Company Profile

Guangzhou Wellmax Household Corp.Ltd was founded in 1995, specialized in home storage solution. The product cover kitchen hardware, wardrobe hardware, bathroom hardware and bar hardware, it has the biggest household hardware production base in China. Wellmax is located in Nansha District, which has an area of more than 180,000 square meters, with professional R&D Technical Personnel, Wellmax is a company integrated with R&D, manufacturing and selling, whose marketing network are across all over the world.

The company has a leading domestic product research and development centers and a high-quality professional design and development team, long-term outstanding foreign companies R&D department, the domestic key scientific research institutions project research and development cooperation, research and development capabilities industry ahead. Hardware manufacturing process, the use of water-based drawing, the overall NC bending shape, cyanide-free plating environmental technology, the entire process of automated production lines, strict product quality control standards to ensure that products manufactured passing rate of 99.8% or more.

Company production base has 10 full-process control hardware production line, the production of kitchen baskets, metal home storage supplies more than 600 million pieces to meet the well-known enterprises, brand operators, product development, custom production of large demand. With the domestic brand list, well-known brand wardrobe, cabinet makers signed a long-term product development and manufacturing cooperation agreement, the designated basket of suppliers. The company has won over major awards such as “High-tech Enterprise in Guangzhou Province”, “Famous Brand Product in Guangdong Province” and “Shou-credit Enterprise in Guangdong Province”. In 2015, Wellmax was recognized as “kitchen storage pendant” “Hardware basket general technical conditions” standard drafting unit.

We aim for the best and perfection. Guangzhou Wellmax Household Corp.Ltd is devoted to bring only the most excellent products to our customers, and to provide a perfect solution for modern intelligent lives.

Kitchen Museum

Brand Story

In 1995. Founder took a visit to Germany and first noticed a thing called pull-out basket in his friend’s, he was caught by it’s simplicity, practicability, and elegance. At that time, most of the Chinese families were still decorating their kitchen with only flooring tiles and marble cabinet. Returned to China, He still could not got his mind of this “pull-out basket” thing. He then looked through all information and surprisingly found there was not a single company produced pull-out basket.

With his mind set on improving Chinese kitchen storage function, and to shape a Chinese hardware basket brand. Chen began to start his own business. Registered the brand “Wellmax” in Panyu, Guangzhou, with a team of only 7 people, this little company started to make kitchen functional hardware, kitchen racks, kitchen electrical appliances, and so on. Ever since the brand was founded, the founder specifically pointed out the concept that “to compete in the market, and to win from the factory”. He required Wellmax must stand on the product itself, to win the market with our fine products, good quality”.

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