Evershine Group

Evershine is a group which caters all needs of modern modular kitchen with exact requirement of every woman. Evershine group is made of skilled and artistic people who have dedicated themselves to fulfill the dream home complete. Evershine group remains active and alert to know the latest trends nationally and internationally.

Kitchen Accessories in Bangladesh

Legacy of Evershine

The brand Evershine was launched in 1998 presenting its range of PVC wire baskets.

In the year 2000, Evershine introduced S.S 304 wire baskets which were first of its kind to be available in the Indian market.

In 2003, Evershine came up with Evershine Next wire baskets which were made up high quality stainless steel. After years of research and efforts, Evershine was the first to launch Aluminium baskets in India – Evershine Plus. Retaining the monopoly in the market, Evershine introduced high quality Stainless Steel baskets – Evershine XLNT.

In 2016, Carrying the vision and legacy forward, Evershine presents its premium range of baskets made up of superior quality, laboratory tested material – Evershine Benz.

In 2017, Adding feather to Evershine Range, we have introduced Evershine Hardware Series.